200kw Copy Stamford New Type Brushless Alternator

200kw Copy Stamford New Type Brushless Alternator


Design CZPT Stand-by stator Single bearing Packed
400V/50Hz size size/Fat
SWT-164A 6.five eight 7 9 65mm 430*440*490 .10  93
SWT-164B eight.8 eleven ten twelve 80mm 430*440*490 .10  ninety seven
SWT-164C 10.eight fourteen twelve 15 100mm 460*440*490 .10  106
SWT-164D 12.eight 16 14 18 115mm 460*440*490 .10  112
SWT-184ES 15 19 seventeen 21 135mm 520*490*510 .13  a hundred thirty
SWT-184E eighteen 23 twenty twenty five 150mm 520*490*510 .13  138
SWT-184F 22 28 24 thirty 190mm 610*490*510 .16  161
SWT-184G 25 31 28 34 230mm 610*490*510 .16  177
SWT-184H thirty 38 33 41 255mm 670*490*510 .17  222
SWT-184J 34 43 37 47 285mm 670*490*510 .17  235
SWT-224C 34 forty three 37 47 130mm 720*490*770 .27  242
SWT-224D forty 50 forty four 55 160mm 720*490*770 .27  265
SWT-224E forty eight sixty fifty three sixty six 180mm 810*490*770 .31  288
SWT-224F 58 73 sixty four eighty 240mm 810*490*770 .31  320
SWT-224G 68 85 76 ninety five 300mm 860*490*770 .33  365
SWT-274C eighty 100 88 110 165mm 810*580*850 .40  390
SWT-274D ninety six a hundred and twenty 104 130 205mm 810*580*850 .40  427
SWT-274ES 100 125 112 one hundred forty 215mm 810*580*850 .40  440
SWT-274E 112 one hundred forty 124 one hundred fifty five 230mm 930*580*850 .46  490
SWT-274FS a hundred and twenty a hundred and fifty 132 one hundred sixty five 250mm 930*580*850 .46  510
SWT-274F 128 one hundred sixty one hundred forty a hundred seventy five 285mm 930*580*850 .46  530
SWT-274G 146 183 one hundred sixty two hundred 335mm 980*580*850 .49  593
SWT-274H 160 200 176 220 375mm 1571*585*850 .51  625
SWT-274J a hundred and eighty 225 two hundred 250 410mm 1110*585*850 .55  660
SWT-274K 200 250 220 275 450mm 1110*585*850 .55  680
SWT-314C 200 250 220 275 275mm 1150*680*930 .73  851
SWT-314D 240 three hundred 264 330 340mm 1150*680*930 .73  931
SWT-314ES 260 325 288 360 410mm 1150*680*930 .73  1571
SWT-314E 280 350 308 385 370mm 1150*680*930 .73  950
SWT-314FS 304 380 336 420 500mm 1220*690*950 .80  1150
SWT-314F 320 400 352 440 450mm 1220*690*950 .80  1150
SWT-354C 360 450 400 five hundred 350mm 1320*750*1050 one.04  1355
SWT-354D four hundred 500 440 550 430mm 1370*780*1050 1.13  1380
SWT-354E 488 610 536 670 500mm 1370*780*1050 one.13  1490
SWT-354FS 500 625 560 seven hundred 440mm 1370*780*1050 1.13  1550
SWT-354F 536 670 600 750 575mm 1370*780*1050 1.13  1640
SWT-404B 600 750 660 825 355mm 1750*920*1360 two.19  1920
SWT-404C 640 800 704 880 380mm 1750*920*1360 2.19  2015
SWT-404D 728 910 800 1000 410mm 1750*920*1360 2.19  2102
SWT-404E 800 one thousand 880 1100 470mm 1750*920*1360 two.19  2227
SWT-404F 900 1125 one thousand 1250 560mm 1750*920*1360 2.19  2452
SWT-404G one thousand 1250 1100 1375 675mm 1780*920*1360 2.23  2820
SWT-454B 1080 1350 1200 1500 465mm 1940*1050*1540 3.14  2900
SWT-454C 1264 1580 1400 1750 550mm 1940*1050*1540 3.14  3091
SWT-454D 1400 1750 1540 1925 620mm 2160*1050*1540 3.50  3391
SWT-454E 1520 1900 1680 2100 700mm 2160*1050*1540 3.50  3629
SWT-454F 1664 2080 1840 2300 770mm 2160*1050*1540 3.50  3913
SWT-454G 1800 2250 2000 2500 820mm 2160*1050*1540 three.50  4127

Generator characteristics:
1.Massive Short circuit potential enhance the potential to begin the motor immediately.
2. Integral casting equipment body improves the concentricity and mechanical power.
three. Convenient wiring helps make it more less difficult to adjust the output voltage
4.Much better voltage regulator, so that the generator output voltage is fundamentally secure unchanged.
5.The design and style of aviation conductive ring make generator run far more smoothly.
6.two/three concentric winding distribution way, permit the generator voltage waveform distortion is scaled-down.
7.Simple wiring make windings and elements direct wiring a lot more realistic and clean.
eight.A realistic creation process and a lot of depth designs make the generator has lengthier service daily life.
Engine casing  characteristics
1.1-piece frame casting improve the mechanical strength, and in the method to make certain excellent concentricity to enhance the machining accuracy.(The ST STC casing is divided into generate stop cover, the entire body and the non drive conclude cover assembly, the three components can not be processed at the same time, should be processed independently, thus, when machining is assembled, machining problems and assembly mistakes can be produced. The a few can not attain concentric, therefore generator in the process of working easily  mechanical resonance, Lowered services lifestyle, Improve the rate of voltage waveform distortion and electromagnetic sounds.)
2.Increase the thickness of the physique casting, Make the generator run far more efficiently, far better heat dissipation influence.(This sort of as the ST/STC generator chassis and rear stop protect is effortless to rupture, Some have not but sent to the customer and in transit has been broken, And some to the client did not use a period of time also broke up.
three. Use TH200 brand of forged iron casting base,A lot more resistant to corrosion and capable to run in severe environmental situations.(This kind of as the Stamford generator for slim plate forming, running in corrosion resistance and severe surroundings ,right after a period of time the shell is simple to corrode a lot of holes,Causes the injury of winding and core elements are uncovered.

Conducting ring attributes:
one. Aviation electric powered conduction ring make managing more steady,never fear about the Carbon brush inadequate contact any far more, or the carbon brush and the copper ring is worn as well quick.(these kinds of as the carbon brush and the copper ring of ST/STC generator typically poor get in touch with and shift,result in the generator does not produce electric power, the carbon brush and the copper ring is worn way too fast, not for a while it has to be replaced carbon brush or copper ring.)
2.Conductive ring connector with the lotus type copper core connector, make upkeep far more hassle-free and replacement a lot more faster.(The ST/STC to change the copper ring, initial want to dismantle the carbon rod and bearing cover, and 2nd require to take non travel end cap aside, then remove bearing, at this timecan eliminate the copper ring, the treatment is complex, exchange is extremely troublesome. if the exciter armature of brush-much less generator failure, dismantling is very troublesome, And demands particular equipment and expert upkeep staff to replaced.
three.Sealed conductive ring,do not have to view out for the oil or drinking water droplets.(If the  ST/STC generator has a little grease adhered to the above, the copper ring will produce a layer of insulation isolation, so that the generator can not generate excitation voltage CZPT making electric power.)
Winding attributes:
1. The concentric 2/3 winding distribution reduces voltage waveform distortion and improves power high quality.
2.Bare part of the winding spray paint,Can properly prevent dew, corona, anti-corrosion, at the same time can enhance the winding mechanical toughness.
Voltage regulator attribute:
one.Binary twin route controlled voltage regulator,it can make the generator run a lot more efficiently,no-load and load voltage variation is not more than two%,Chilly and very hot condition voltage regulation charge is much less than 3%.
2.The fixtures of Shockproof regulator improve the earthquake resistance of the regulator.No lengthier have to be concerned about the solder joints thanks to vibration and damage.
Supporter characteristics:
1. The style of centrifugal supporter has greater air quantity, better warmth dissipation, so the winding insulation is sturdy.
2. The solid -aluminum thermal sleeve type of enthusiast bracket, No longer have to be concerned about using a long fan out of rotation.
3.Supporter and supporter bracket different patterns make the alternative admirer much more simple.
CZPT characteristic:
Utilizing double sealed bearing, make the bearing provider lifestyle for a longer time, operate much more peaceful. No longer like open up bearings that need to have to incorporate grease routinely. This sort of as ST/STC generators are open up bearings, this bearing is easy to grease, bearing beads hurt caused by dry mill in the bearing space.
Process details:
one. All elements contacted with the wire are wrapped or isolated with specially developed insulation devices.
2. All terminals with insert kind, the two terminals inserted into the guiding wire in the insulating sheath,the other two stuck copper wire,so that the stop is not easy to unfastened from the lead wire and lead wire is not easily damaged owing to vibration.
three. The mark of terminals is distinctive, so that each and every line can be found in the corresponding place on the wiring diagram,and not as connecting the incorrect wire damage the motor or part.

      ZheJiang SURIRELLA CZPTAL CZPT CO.,LTD. was proven in 2007, is a professional Alternator and Diesel generator set maker.. All of our goods have CE and ISO certifications.
        Our motor is largely driven by CUMMINS, DEUTZ and so on. In addition to making generally products, We have new alternator, electricity range kind 6kW to 200kW, Stamford new design but significantly reduce cost and smaller sized dimension. Only our factory can make this alternator in China.
      We are considering of “High quality 1st, CZPTer leading”,sincerely welcome you to create prolonged-time period cooperation with us.

Δ FAQ (FREQUENCY Requested Concern)
Query: What is actually your guarantee period?
Answer: Our payment conditions is 1 year 

Query: Does your generators has international guarantee?
Response: Sure, most of our items like CZPT, Doosan electricity generator enjoy the world-wide warranty service. And the alternator we use like Leroysomer, Stamford, marathon also appreciate the worldwide guarantee support, so you do not need to be concerned about the aftersales services.

Query: What is actually your payment phrases?
Reply: We can acknowledge 30% deposit,70% still left after BL copy

Issue: What’s your supply time?
Solution: Our normal delivery time is 30 working times. But if your purchase is some unique motor and alternator, then the shipping time is longer. 

200kw Copy Stamford New Type Brushless Alternator

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