6020 Transparent Insulation Polyester Film for Electrical Motors

6020 Transparent Insulation Polyester Film for Electrical Motors

6571/6571 polyester movie is biaxially oriented polyethelene terephthalate (PET) film
6571 – clear colour 6571 – milk white color
Home: 6571 transparent movie is with higher dielectric and mechanical house, good transparency and adaptability, has uniform thickness and shiny area.
It can be used as an electrical insulation and as a laminate with other substrates.
In motor apps, selected kinds of polyester movie can be utilized for ground insulation as slot liners and wedges, as properly as phase insulation. In wire and cable apps, it is perfect for mechanical barriers.
In addition, specialised polyester movie can be utilised in transformer and higher-voltage distribution tools to wrap the conductors. They are effective for use in airtight applications with refrigerator and air conditioner motor / compressor assemblies.

It can also be employed in packaging, glass steel, apparel collar lining and other instances.


Thickness(mm): .571mm-.35mm
Width:1m or CZPT
Type: in rolls or sheets
Pacage: Carton and Pallet 

CZPT Info: 

Houses Units Values
Tensile power (MD and TD) 25μm~100μm MPa ≥150
>100μm~190μm ≥140
>190μm ≥110
Elongation at break (MD and TD) 25μm~50μm % ≥60
>50μm~350μm ≥80
Shrinkage (MD and TD) twenty five~190μm % ≤3.
>190μm ≤2.
Quantity resistivity Ω·M ≥1.0×10fourteen
Relative dielectric constant (50Hz) / two.9~three.4
Dielectric dissipation element (50Hz) / ≤5.0×10-three
Density kg/m3 6571 6571
1390±10 1400+ten-twenty
Melting stage °C ≥256
Surface resistivity Ω ≥1.0×10thirteen
Electrolytic corrosion Ocular estimate Class A1
Metallic conductivity tensile Toughness approach % ≤2
Dimensional stability
in substantial temp.
With pressure °C ≥200
With strain ≥200
The good quality guarantee interval Twelve months

6020 Transparent Insulation Polyester Film for Electrical Motors

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